"Hello my name is Tiara Fischer. I have over 16 years of experience in cleaning houses and commercial buildings ranging from working in a large hospital, animal hospitals to small offices and factories. I began working with my father at the age of 14 off and on with his janitorial service. In 2012  at the age 27 I began working with my father again and shortly after took on the role of managing employees after working for just two weeks".

Tiara's father decided to make her CEO of A-1 Cleaning Inc which has now blossomed into Fischer's Integrity Cleaning Service LLC. As owner and CEO Fischer's Integrity Cleaning Service has a bright future ahead.  

Tiara also serves her local church as one of the volunteer janitors and assist with various fundraising and event coordinating activities.

"Hello my name is Michael Fischer. I am the Co- owner of Fischer's Integrity Cleaning service. I worked for Cincinnati Children's Hospital in the food service department for over 5 years. I currently work for Us Bank as a personal banker. I am also heavily involved in my local church where I serve as one of the volunteer janitors, oversee cleaning projects, and many other leading positions . My extensive training in leadership and customer service has enabled me to be ready to meet your cleaning needs with care and professionalism". "My desire is to give our customers a clean that they can feel".